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Career CounselingCareer Assessment provides knowledge about various career opportunities and provides self-awareness and an understanding of the job market. It has a very important role in career development. Some of the attributes to career assessment are career counselors, career service centers, corporate human resource staff, etc.


STRENGTH AND WEAKNESSES Career counseling gives information about our strengths and weaknesses which makes it easy for us to choose an appropriate career path.

GOALS SETTING It helps in providing both short and long-term goals. One of the benefits of setting goals is that it helps to anticipate certain challenges and prepare us for future changes.

EXPLORING OPTIONS A career counselor will assess your interest, help us explore certain options, and spend the time that will help us by providing insight in choosing an appropriate path. 

OPPORTUNITIES After selecting a career path, counselors can help identify the best opportunities. This may include planning and preparing for an interview, sending applications, etc.

A SELF-BRANDING Career counselor would help in framing a brand and will use our strengths to strengthen the brand.


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