So while buying a new home or land do take the help of a dowser. Besides this, Pendulum Dowsing has large uses like finding lost items, locating missing people, finding underground water, Career Analysis, Choosing your best Career, Finding suitable colors, gemstones, cosmetics, Finding out compatibility between partners, etc.

Dowsing is an art and a science that allows you to detect vibrations that are not detectable by any scientific instruments. In the past, it was used mostly to find water and now it is greatly expanded and covers almost every aspect of human life. Dowsing is increasingly being used as a means through which health can be improved. The dowser can “connect” to the subtle vibrational energy of the body and identify those places of discord that are the cause of ill health. It is possible to measure the quantum of Energy of any premises, no matter where it may be with Pendulum Dowsing. It can help pinpoint exact locations where the energy blockages exist. Pendulum Dowsing also helps to find the correct remedies which need to be carried out for rectifying the blockages in the energy field.

It is possible to balance out different chakras of the body and remove energy blockages from the system. It gives excellent pain relief. Pendulum dowsing can also help to know the energy of a land or space setting.

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