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Angel Card Reading

Angel Cards exist for one specific purpose: consulting with angels and archangels. They are a tool used to open your mind and soul to the energy and guidance of angelic beings. Angel Card reading isn’t like playing a game of poker. There are physical and spiritual preparations that need to be done prior to starting. You may already know this but everything in this universe has vibrational energy. Plants do, we do, animals do, angels do, and even the Earth does. Like Angel Numbers, when using angel cards, your goal is to try and communicate with angels and as such, the easiest way to do this is to increase your vibrational energy. Ideally, you would want to spend the day eating organic, naturally grown, high-energy foods. Try to avoid alcohol, processed foods, or anything high in sugar. You also want to make sure your room is prepared.If you have some high-energy colors such as red or blue then use these in the room. Lighting some candles or using some incense can also help to clear the air of any negative energy.

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