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Best Guided Meditation Centre

To meditate is to focus one’s mind on an image or a mantra, or focus on nothingness. The point of meditation is to disengage from, and ideally tame, the tendency to think, plan, talk in one’s head collectively, what’s known as the monkey mind. There is possibly no end to the benefits of meditation practice and the variety of teachers and styles to choose from. While it is a wonderful sign that so many people are reaping the benefits of meditation and wanting to share them with others, it can be overwhelming when you are first delving into your own meditation practice. Meditation can also be difficult. It is about connecting with your mind and noticing where your thoughts go without attachment to them, as well as learning to quiet your mind instead of letting it run wild. That may sound easy, but the reality is another story. So, with that said, are the benefits ascribed to meditation true? After having my own daily meditation routine for going on 10 years, I can say yes. By sitting with your mind on a consistent basis, I have noticed a variety of benefits. I have seen a decrease in anger and an increase in being able to pause in the middle of hard encounters, take a breath and manage my responses with more grace. But that didn’t happen overnight or even in the first few months. Visit at DIVINITY HEALS for the best meditation experience.

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