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About the Founder

A well-qualified psychologist with over 25 years of experience in counselling students, women, men, and students across different spectrum of mental and emotional trauma through counselling and healings.
Since one size doesn’t fit all, every counselling approach is also unique to everyone. Therefore, each individual deserves personalized attention and therapy sessions customized to their needs.

Whether it’s marital discord, relationship stress, anxiety, career issues, children’s behaviour, phobias, anger, depression, behavioural or learning problem, or anything else, We, at Divinity Heals, believe that psychological issues are ways to vent out our negative mental energies that arise out of traumatic events.

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Mainul Choudhury
Mainul Choudhury
I have come regarding counseling of my son with Dr Manisha.She listens to the problems carefully and discuss things in detail.So far I have a positive response.
I just started consulting Dr. Manisha ma’am, She listens patiently and responsive likewise. Follows up herself and she builds a positive faith and trust even early on in the treatment. Happy to be continuing.
Yachna Sethi
Yachna Sethi
I am currently consulting Dr. Manisha for anxiety disorder treatment and finding it helpful. Thank you, Manisha ma'am. I hope and pray for my complete recovery and your support on this journey. I took a healing session as well. It was also helpful
Deepika and pooja Deepika and pooja
Deepika and pooja Deepika and pooja
Excellent student counseling and support
Bhawna negi
Bhawna negi
Best place for meditation and counselling
Radhe bhatt
Radhe bhatt

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Qualified psychological expert

Spiritual healer



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