Internship programs vary in terms of duration, requirements, and focus areas. Some may be full-time, lasting several months to a year, while others may be part-time or offered during the academic year. Interns often receive supervision and feedback from experienced professionals to support their learning and development.

A psychology internship program is a structured opportunity for individuals studying psychology, typically at the undergraduate or graduate level, to gain practical experience in the field. These programs are usually offered by universities, hospitals, mental health clinics, research institutes, or other organizations involved in psychology-related work.

Interns in psychology programs typically work under the supervision of licensed psychologists or other mental health professionals.

They may be involved in a variety of tasks, including:

  • Clinical Work: This could involve conducting intake interviews, administering psychological assessments, providing therapy or counseling under supervision, and participating in treatment planning.
  • Research: Interns might assist with research projects, including literature reviews, data collection, data analysis, and manuscript preparation.
  • Administrative Duties: This could involve tasks such as scheduling appointments, maintaining client records, and assisting with program development or evaluation.

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