Angel Healing Level 3, the Master or Teacher Level, represents the culmination of the practitioner’s journey. Higher attunements enable practitioners to attune others to Angel Healing energies, empowering them to share this transformative practice with others. Level 3 focuses on spiritual healing, facilitating personal transformation, and guiding others on their spiritual paths. Practitioners deepen their connection with the archangels and explore methods for teaching and sharing Angel Healing with integrity and authenticity.

At Divinity Heals, we recognize Angel Healing as a deeply personal and transformative journey. Each level of training builds upon the previous, allowing practitioners to access increasingly higher frequencies of angelic energy for healing and spiritual growth. Angel Healing fosters a profound sense of peace, harmony, and divine connection, enriching the lives of both practitioners and recipients alike. Join us at Divinity Heals as we embark on this sacred journey of Angelic Reiki together.

Angel Healing, also known as Angelic Reiki, is a profound spiritual healing practice facilitated by angelic beings to restore balance and well-being on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. At Divinity Heals, we embrace this sacred modality and offer comprehensive training to enhance practitioners’ skills and connection with the angelic realm.

Angel Healing Level 1 marks the beginning of the journey, introducing participants to the foundational principles of working with angels for healing purposes. Through attunements, individuals open themselves to the loving energy of the angels and establish a deep connection with specific angelic beings. Level 1 emphasizes self-healing and teaches participants how to invoke angelic assistance for themselves and others. Techniques for clearing and balancing energy centers with angelic guidance are also explored.

Angel Healing Level 2 expands practitioners’ understanding and connection with the angelic energies. Additional attunements refine and expand the practitioner’s ability to channel angelic healing energy. Level 2 delves into working with specific angelic symbols and advanced techniques for distant healing. Practitioners may also learn to integrate crystals and other tools into their angelic healing practices, with a focus on emotional and mental healing and intuitive development.

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