Aura clearing is a process aimed at cleansing, balancing, and harmonizing the energy field surrounding a person, known as the aura. It is often practiced in various forms of energy healing, spirituality, and metaphysics. The belief underlying aura clearing is that the aura can accumulate negative energy, energetic imbalances, or blockages over time, which may manifest as physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual disturbances. By clearing the aura, practitioners seek to remove these unwanted energies and restore balance and harmony to the individual’s energy field. There are many different techniques and methods for aura clearing, ranging from simple visualization and intention-setting practices to more complex rituals involving specific tools or modalities such as Reiki, smudging, crystal healing, sound therapy, and meditation. Practitioners may use their hands or other tools to facilitate the clearing process, directing healing energy or vibrations toward the individual’s aura with the intention of releasing any stagnant or negative energy and promoting a sense of well-being and vitality.

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