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All relationships are on account of investment, we know that romantic relationships are a product of hard work. At the start of the relationship, you think the relationship is your fairy tale happily ever, but many marriages and relationships need constant maintenance to remain healthy. In the stressful world of today, which is identified by lack of patience, wrong expectation, a busy lifestyle, and higher accessibility to the outside world of friends, relationships need to be nurtured. Couples seek marriage counseling for one or many reasons, from lack of respect, financial issues, power struggles, and communication problems to sexual dissatisfaction and infidelity. In case of marital or family issues, relationship counseling is used as a methodology to improve communication, sharing of feelings, listening with empathy, and rekindle the same respect, trust, and love that the couple had at the beginning of their relationship. Relationship counseling focuses on understanding, maturity, and tips for a good relationship.

How Therapy Works

In most relationships, problems originate from poor or wrong communication. Communication channels are enhanced by explaining the rules of communication. An agenda is established not only for the therapy but for each session. Considering the extent and severity of the issue, the couple is given suggestions to make their own rules of the relationship to be followed on a daily basis.


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