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Crystal Therapy

Crystals are pretty, mystical, and they capture the imagination. They just might be one of the most popular trends in alternative medicine. It’s believed by some that holding crystals or positioning them on various areas of the body can give physical and mental benefits. The idea is that crystals interact with the body’s energy field, creating balance and alignment. Many people use crystals for stress and focus, while others believe that crystals have the power to heal physical ailments and illnesses. Crystals are a group of minerals. Very simply, they’re beautiful, semi-rare stones — some are clear and some have bright colors. While using crystals likely won’t hurt you, follow your doctor’s guidance when it comes to physical injury, chronic pain, or illness. The more support you have from different modalities, the better. That doesn’t mean crystals can’t be one tool in your toolbox. To experience the best crystal therapy you should visit DIVINITY HEALS.

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